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Dear patient,
you received a modern orthodontic appliance today – it is called BioBiteCorrector (BBC).

It brings your lower jaw in its correct position and makes sure that your teeth bite properly. As you might have realized already, the BBC is nearly invisible externally.

The appliance is independent from cooperation, works 24 hours each day and therefore is very successful.

To make sure that the BBC also works successfully for you, you should get to know your BBC and mind a few things:

How has the BBC been fixed in your mouth?
The BBC is screwed firmly and immobile to the orthodontic wire in the upper and the lower jaws. The brackets attached to your teeth fix the orthodontic wire in its position.

What special things do I have to pay attention to?
  • Brackets can loosen while eating. You should not use your BBC nto chew your meal. This means that the food should not get between the BBC, because in this way you may produce high forces that are able to remove brackets from teeth or to bend the BBC.
  • Occasionally, one of the fixing screws might loosen so that the screw body can be moved along the orthodontic wire. If you notice this, please call your orthodontist and make an appointment right away.
  • The BBC requires all brackets to be fixed firmly to each tooth. If a bracket loosens, it has to be reattached quickly. In this case contact your orthodontist to make an appointment. 

    If you are unsure or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact your orthodontist!