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Direct Class I with perfect and precise adjustment of the mandible:

As a passive rigid appliance, the BioBiteCorrector MS (BBC) will directly and precisely guide the mandible into bilateral neutral occlusion at any time, so that the use of coil springs is not necessary. By means of C-shaped spacers, which can be crimped on the telescope bars, the mandible can be protruded precisely and easily.

Initial situation

After Fixation of the BioBiteCorrector

Functional principle of the Herbst -appliance, but without coil springs:

The BBC MS appliance does not use coil springs, unlike most other intermaxillary non-compliance Class II appliances. The BioBiteCorrector is largely based on the functional principles of the Herbst appliance. Appliances without coil springs reduce proclination of the lower incisors and uncontrolled forward movement of the mandible.

Internal spring mechanism

The BBC SP gradually moves the lower jaw forward with a smooth spring force.

Easy handling:

The BBC is supplied completely pre-assembled. There is no need for ortho-dontists to assemble the device from various parts.

Screwable connection to the upper and lower jaws:

This connection method to the upper and lower jaws ensures fast and easy placement of the appliance. The screwable connection is both patient- and doctor-friendly.

Ball joints in the upper and lower jaws:

The ball joints enable lateral movements with sufficient mouth opening for improved wearing comfort. They reduce loading of both BioBiteCorrector and multibracket appliance and ensure a slender design of the BBC, which helps to avoid material or fracturing of the multibracket appliance.

Bands are not required to place the BioBiteCorrector:

In contrast to many other non-compliance Class II devices, the BBC does not need bands on the upper first molars for placement, thanks due to its screwable connection.

Biocompatible titanium:

The BBC MS is made entirely of titanium and laser welded. Fixing screws and spacers are also made of titanium.

Design of the screw body:

The design of the screw body enables accurate and safe fixation of the appli-ance. The screw body is slid on the wire via its lateral slot. Then it is fixed in place on the wire by the clamping effect of the screw connections. The great advantage of thise screw body is the fact that it cannot loosen from the wire because of horizontal forces.

Picture 1

Picture 2

This system allows patients to widely open their mouths and still cannot “dis-engage” like a conventional Herbst -appliance.

BBC MS is available in two sizes:

Normally, i.e. in non-extraction cases, the “Standard” size is used. Its overall length is 23 mm, and it can be extended to 57 mm. In extraction cases, the “Small” size is used due to smaller distances. Its overall length is 19 mm, and it can be extended to 45 mm.
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