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Fixing the BBC

1. Preconditions
Preconditions for fixation of the BioBiteCorrector is a multibracket appliance in upper and lower jaws with steel archwires with a minimum size of 0.017" x 0.025".

In the lower jaw the steel archwire must have a cinch back distal of the first or second molar.

Tip: For the cinch back we recommend a Twister-Instrument. With the Twister you can bend the arch very simply 90° without risking to remove the bracket from the tooth.

2. Choice of size
Size standard is used in non-extraction cases.

Only in extraction cases in the upper jaw size small is used.

3. Fixation of the BBC
The BBC is already pre-assembled. The appliance is distinguished in left and right sides. First the BBC is fixed in the upper jaw and afterwards in the lower jaw.

4. Fixation in the upper jaw
The upper jaw connecting element is fixed between the first molar and second premolar. The connecting element should not have any contact to the bracket of the first molar. The screwdriver must be assured with dental floss to avoid aspiration or swallowing.

Slide the body on the archwire and then fix the screw.

5. Fixation in the lower jaw

After fixing the upper jaw connecting element, the lower jaw connecting element must be fixed between canine and first premolar. Slide the body on the archwire and then fix the screw. The connecting element should be situated as distal as possible with and touch mesial side of the bracket of the first premolar. The connecting element must not have any contact with the canine bracket at all. Fix the other side in the same way.

6. Adjustment in neutral occlusion
After both sides are fixed, guide the lower jaw back as far as possible. If there still is distal occlusion, the lower jaw can be shifted forward by using distance spacers. These spacers can be crimped on the appliance, whereby the lower jaw can be shifted into neutral occlusion.

The distance spacers are attached to the thinnest telescope pipe. Fine corrections can be carried out by shifting the connecting element.